About Us

About Paddle Boards By The Bay

Paddle Boards By The Bay is a paddle board rental service operating in northern Michigan. We were founded in 2016 and are excited for our second season of rentals in 2017. If there is anything we love more than paddle boarding ourselves, it is most definitely seeing other's on a paddle board. We do not operate out of a brick and mortar store because we don't need to. When a customer schedules a rental, we hook up our trailer of premium Isle paddle boards and deliver them to our customer at no extra cost(As long as they are within our area of operation). We pride our selves on our excellent customer service and our speedy response time. During our hours of operation, our phone is on loud and our email inbox is constantly being refreshed. It is our goal to provide northern Michigan with the amazing experience of paddle boarding and never want to see a paddler without a paddle. Paddle Boards By The Bay provides rental paddle boards from Memorial Day to Labor day from 10 AM - 8 PM seven days a week and are awaiting your call.


Our Team

Paddle Boards By The bay is currently managed by Keith Fitzpatrick, a Harbor Springs high school graduate and current student of Michigan State University's Eli Broad's College of Business. Keith helped found paddle boards by the bay by coming up with our name, designing our website, and managing social media and our rental supplies. He is passionate about paddle boarding and enjoys being out on the water when he's not promoting or delivering paddle boards. 




Keith Fitzpatrick Manager Paddle Boards By The Bay
       Paddle Boards By The Bay Manager                                      Keith Fitzpatrick