Paddle boarding history and a few reasons to try it yourself

Paddle boarding is a calming and memorable experience. The sport began to grow exponentially in the 1980’s due to an increase in paddle boarding events in California. People began to recognize paddle boarding more and more as the sport began to spread like wild fire. Because paddle boarding became most popular along the west coast, you can now find paddlers out on the water in every state as well as the rest of the world. This didn’t just happen for no reason. The sport of paddle boarding has attracted millions of people to buy, rent, or borrow their friend’s boards to experience the fun for themselves. In the year of 2013, paddle boarding was recognized as the sport with the most first time participants in the United States. The number of first time paddle boarders is continuing to rise each year and there isn’t a reason for that number to stop growing. Paddle boarding is commonly used as a stress reliever, a social experience, and even as a workout. The sport brings the user many benefits and you’ll often see people buying their own equipment after trying it for the first time. So, if you haven’t added to the number of first time paddle boarders yet, then you should definitely give the experience a try yourself. We at Paddle Boards by the Bay are here to bring the amazing Paddle Board experience to Harbor Springs, Petoskey, and Alanson’s residents and visitors. Our mission is to spread the passion of paddleboard to as many people as we can and we plan to do so for years to come. If you ever find yourself in Northern Michigan on a sunny day looking for an adventure, give us a call to set up your rental and we’ll try our best to satisfy your needs with free delivery and pickup to our specified delivery area. Click Here to learn more on how you can setup your rental today

Paddle boarding history and a few reasons to try it yourself
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